What does the proofreading of texts do?

Each author of a text sooner or later enters a veritable “blindness” one. So, although he writes his text and reads it safe by several times, error no longer occurred to him under certain circumstances. He knows, of course, what he wanted to express, and what words he has used. However, in the individual words can be contained, he does not see when reading, because he knows the exact word at this point twisted letters.

This also applies to the content of the text. The author is familiar with this, is an expert in the field described by him. But if he can make the information even to a reader who is not familiar with it, of course, must first be verified. This is the task of the proofreading. The proofreader must ensure that the text is content properly.

This includes not only the actual factual information and the explanation of technical terms and details even if the text has a coherent sentence structure and general construction. Here, a structure must be evident that each paragraph should build on each other.

Apart from the content of the text pages of proofreading must of course also be given in terms of spelling and grammar attention. The grammar flows partly already in the above-mentioned point of substantive compliance with one, because only grammatically correct sentences, make it possible that all the content is consistent and a fachunkundiger reader can understand the text and the information contained herein. Of course, in spelling the current rules must be adhered to, in which a corresponding software can be quite helpful.