The Press on the location of the essay writing

Another possible understanding of the essay brings Tim Caspar BГ¶hme in his 13 January in the taz published report into play: “Stanitzek recalled that it was not so much gone to him to literary epochs essay writing as rather a reading of experimental texts in which something was tried – as the word ‘essay’ in its original meaning suggests.

For their positive examples it counts in his book next to the ‘Master’ Rutschky also taz – authors such as Detlef Kuhlbrodt or Helmut HГ¶ge – latter sat in the audience.

And yesterday Mladen Gladic delivered in the world yet his observations. He made for the site and went into more details on the location of the essays in the current media structure transformation: “Where, it have formed yet no clear hierarchies such as the web, the incentive is low, to write sophisticated essays. Because, as Passignano, everything is on the net Appearing currently not associated with prestige, so you not only get no money for it but nothing else.

In both media, publishing is in Passignano, who once wrote that it had since 1998, apart from a few railway station and airport purchases, enteres no more bookstore, then even something like a form of experiment: ‘I want Mercury reader to understand what I write, and that I will not be laughed at for it from my friends.”